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1.Over 15 Years of Experience in The Foreign Trade Sector

2.Variety of Goods

3.Sending to Where You Want, Bringing from Where You Want

4.We are Professional and Organized.

5.Our Food Taste is Special and Food Taste Depends on You

6.Client Focused

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ORBİS is a general trading company, based in Ankara,Turkey. We deal mostly in Food, Beverages and Personal Care and medical sector. In Food, we have trading and distributing meat, fruits, herbs and vegetables. In Beverages, we import and distribute Natural Spring Water and Juices.
Orbis is making export and import for supplying  success in international market. We are providing  the most suitable service in the direction of customer’s requirement. We are buildiing e-relationships.
As we developed our working methodology, we are gaining point shooting foreign trade capability and making way for transition to economic efficiency by showing functionality of datas to our customers.
We are guarantor of food supply , presenting professional service and Orbis has personalized assistance to our customers; moreover, we adhere to efficiency, result and trustworthiness.The most suitable solutions are in our hands, finally we have wide portfolio.

We are dealing in foods from America, Ukraine,Italy,Poland,China…etc.
What do you want to eat?
Where do you want to get?
International food commerce is our job. We have an ability of transporting from country to country by highway and shipping from port to port. Our customers are in middle east in substantially.



1.Sustainable Customer Support
2.Confidential Transportation
3.Food Diversity
4.Comprehensive Research
5.Extensive Portfolio
6.Longterm Partnership
7.Business Consultancy