ORBIS is dealing with strategic selection of goods and services. Ensuring with supplier’s quality and efficiency, it should always be considered the best results for our customers. Our corporate identity is around conscious ethic.


It is possibe to load at different locations by shipment  and highway and air. Customers can get as much product as she/he wants even the size of the product can be in tons.


We are searching all the food companies in the World.We are trying to find cost effective products to our customers however the most important thing in the products is their quality and their speciality.Our buying and selling strategy should fit with our customers.The foods we are supplying are organic and they are coming from the factory.Low price, special taste and high quality. We are shaping us according to our customer’s needs. Orbis is supplying not only foods but also medical and technology products.


With our strong network in the world,we are bringing products from raw material to final stage. Interconnected,interrelated and interlinked networks underlies of our comprehensive portfolio.


Orbis is managing of the good procurement from the World. With our 15 years of trade experience globally helps you to get the most appropriate solutions during your export and import journey. Our firm’s main aim is avoiding potential risks and difficulties on international trade.


All products are coming from the factories by quality control.


The factories that orbis is working with have necessary certificates for defining product’s quality. We are trying to find organic and high tech products.


ORBIS offers special solutions  according to customer’s business requirements. We are sending free samples to our clients before they will buy. At client’s request Orbis is organizing  transportation via shipping,high-way and air. As a result of this, you can concentrate on the result much more easily.


According to our customer’s needs, ORBIS can produce their private labels on the foods. We are focusing on developing long-term relationships by win-win principle with our clients.